Sunday, 13 May 2007

The Shed of Despair

My shed has been following me. I went for a stroll down to the local shops and every time I looked around, there was my shed, trying to look inconspicuous and 'blend in'. If that wasn't bad enough I caught it the other day pretending to be a bush in the park. It looked ridiculous with it's sides and door painted in a camo-pattern. For a start we were in a green and lush British park, and it had chosen a US desert war camo-pattern!

So I have put it on a chain and cemented the chain into the ground. I know this sounds cruel, but it still has the run of the back garden and can climb on the fence and pester the neighbour's dog.

I just wish it would stop whining late at night...I feel a little guilty in the wee small hours.

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