Tuesday, 15 May 2007

I Missed A Day!

Dagnammit..I wanted to post something every day and not a week in and I already missed yesterday...aaaarrgghhh!!! I will tell you the confluence of events that conspired to thwart me from posting yesterday:

[1] I got very wet walking to work...this caused a very slight tweaking of the fabric of the universe

[2] A creature, best left undescribed, but suffice to say called "Bertram" and not happy about it, wandered into my life as a result of a bet.

[3] By 1pm all the seats in the office had rotated 180 degrees and were facing East...as though searching the skies for something only they could see!

[4] Following luncheon, two plastic bags, a roller skate and some fish-bits found their way into my bag. This attracted cats, naturally, and I spent the afternoon attempting to lure them out of my bag by impersonating a tin of KittyKat.

[5] The evening was spent in splendid isolation, with a lovely young lady, in a bar, and by the time I got home twas past the witching hour and all hope was lost.

So them's the breaks kids...life can be as transparent as cling film, but like cling film it can be clingy and filmy and rather hard to tear in a straight line without getting the edges all tangled and....well, you get the idea.


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