Sunday, 10 June 2007

Disappearing People

So one minute they are there...on the phone, texting, online, msn...basically they are in your life pretty much full time. And then, as if out of nowhere they are no longer phone calls, no texts, not online, silent msn. If this were a movie you would assume they had been abducted or something similarly X-filian. But sadly, in reality they have just gone away...stopped wanting to speak with you and no longer a part of your life. you feel angry, annoyed, upset, depressed, sad, down? Or should you be the adult and accept that life is what it is and that the problem is theirs, not yours? As much as it pains me to say this...but you have to stand firm, be adult and accept that life changes and it is out of your control. As easily as someone comes into your life they will just as easily leave it reasons, no explanations, no apologies.

But trust me on will hurt, be hard to accept and your heart will be broken...but then you move along and get back to living your life with those who are still in it.

I hope this helps those to whom it is know who you are and to what I comment.

NEXT TIME: to speak your heart or stay silent...the impossible conundrum!

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