Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Rock Gods n Me!

A mighty big HOORAH for it is little old me standing behind the rock gods who are (l-r) Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio & Tony Iommi, of Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell fame!

Sorry for the fuzzy pic quality, the photographer got it a bit wrong, d'oh!

The best part of the day? Going to the pub at lunchtime and enjoying a pint and a pie with Tony and Ronnie...seriously, how cool?!

Hoorah for British Heavy Metal...metal rules!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Disappearing People

So one minute they are there...on the phone, texting, online, msn...basically they are in your life pretty much full time. And then, as if out of nowhere they are no longer phone calls, no texts, not online, silent msn. If this were a movie you would assume they had been abducted or something similarly X-filian. But sadly, in reality they have just gone away...stopped wanting to speak with you and no longer a part of your life. you feel angry, annoyed, upset, depressed, sad, down? Or should you be the adult and accept that life is what it is and that the problem is theirs, not yours? As much as it pains me to say this...but you have to stand firm, be adult and accept that life changes and it is out of your control. As easily as someone comes into your life they will just as easily leave it reasons, no explanations, no apologies.

But trust me on will hurt, be hard to accept and your heart will be broken...but then you move along and get back to living your life with those who are still in it.

I hope this helps those to whom it is know who you are and to what I comment.

NEXT TIME: to speak your heart or stay silent...the impossible conundrum!

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Top Writing Talent

I'll keep this simple, people:

Dr Who + Paul Cornell = television magic

Well done PC for a terrific double episode that took the doc to some uncharted waters and showed that every now and again the BBC are able to do something truly original and interesting.

So Russell T, if you are reading this...MORE Paul Cornell scripted eps please!

Woo for Who

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Gravy n chips

So what's going on with chips n dips? I can follow the deal of chips n ketchup (or that terrible US invention Catsup 7-Up but made of, really!), and chips n bbq sauce. But then people started doing chips n mayo, and then chips n gravy (urgh!). But even those are just about acceptable. But it has gone too far. Today I saw someone dippin their chips in seagull fat. I knew it was seagull fat because I have travelled far and wide and length and height as well. They dunked then munched and smiles of perplexed embarrassment came over their faces.

Is this a new craze? Is it a cult? Is it mental illness? Maybe we will never know...

Seagull fat!

Monday, 21 May 2007

Clay Pigeon Breeding

So there we were, merrily shooting many hundreds of clay pigeons, when it dawned on me to ask where these poor unfortunate creatures cames from. It is a fascinating tale full of derring do, capers, high jinks, flavoured milk and a bevvy of beauties....but it all ends in the breeding of clay pigeons. Suffice to say, I will not go into the sordid and to be fair, private, ways that these wonderful animals 'get it on'...but once the deed is done it is a mere matter of days before the baby clay pigeons are born. Usually in clutches of 10 to 15, the one centimetre clay pigeons have to be protected from ravens, hawks, chopper pilots and TV weather girls...for all of whom the wee babies are a highly sought after delicacy. After a week, they have grown to full size, and their plummage, displaying the club or manufacturer's brand, is fully developed. They then undergo an intensive 12 month training regime, preparing them for all the various ways they may be fired out of a trap. After their passing out ceremony, a week in Tahiti and some free chips...the clay pigeons are shipped off to their new homes, ready and willing to be shot at by humans with guns.

It is a life...hmmmm?


Sunday, 20 May 2007

An Empty Vessel

I have no thoughts today. I thought I was on the tip of my thingy...tongue...but no, it was just a bourbon biscuit.

So I will try to resume normal service tomorrow with some more exciting and random thoughts...maybe some thoughts from a far off land, or possibly something from inside a box. But nonetheless, they will be thoughts, I can guarantee that.

Happy thinking...

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Boring or what?

Twas the day before Sunday and all round the house, people watching football would moan, curse and grouse...

Yup, the FA Cup came and went, and by Elvis it was get the idea.

So well done Chelsea, but let's all now get on with some real jellyfish hurling, and retro-badminton.


Friday, 18 May 2007

Is It Me...?

I am wondering a lot recently about whether it is me? At positive times I consider that it is 50% me and 50% them. But a lot of the time is negative time at which I feel that it is most probably me as all of them can't be wrong...surely?

So if it is me, and not them, just what is it that is me that is causing the problems?


I suppose I could ask them, since they aren't me and so should know the answer. But then since I am me, and it is me, maybe they won't tell me why it is me that is the problem.


Maybe tomorrow I can be someone else...might be nice for a day!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Tired n Low

I am sorry to say that I am feeling very tired and somewhat low today. Could it be the the 5am wake up call? The day at a conference? Not getting the reaction I had hoped for from a conversation?

No...I have been invaded by a team of 'tirednlow' Gnomes...they infect you, work their way around your body and cause general malaise. Damn them and their amusing pointy hats, their sing song voices and their ability to bring me down.

By tomorrow I hope all is back to normal as I have sent in a team of 'upandatem' orks who should fix the problem and all being well, be on their way quick sharpish.

ho hum!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Green Beer!

I saw two people drinking bright green beer today. It was at the Ealing Beer Festival and to be honest it was quite the strangest thing I have ever seen. It was like Swarfega Beer or something. Still, they seemed quite happy and so, like a mad man I decided to try some...

...quite nice actually!

But what is with the bright green colour? These real ale people are a strange bunch...but you know, after that, and a few other pints, I could see the attraction in growing a fuller beard, settling into a comfy chair, pulling on a pipe and enjoying drinks called Old Todgers Cowbell and Postlethwaites Recurring Bedspring Nightmare.